Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ

One-Of-A-Kind Custom Coverage For Our Arizona Clients' Kitchen(s)!

A home’s kitchen is primarily regarded as a quintessential aspect that must be a part of any home, as many consider it the “hub” of the home. This area is typically where a family tends to congregate and break bread, bonding through each other’s company. It’s also a place where children studiously endeavor to finish up their daily academics.

With that being said, being a family-owned and family-operated company ourselves, we’ve not only acknowledged the importance of a welcoming kitchen and the commonality it represents, but we’ve embraced it all together!

By incorporating our generations of professional construction and property improvement experience into each and every kitchen remodeling/renovation project we are enlisted to direct, we’ve managed to not only satisfy many of our local homeowners here in Arizona, but we’ve managed to raise the overall standard for property services as well! For our customers, we pledge to go above and beyond their expectations to give them a finished product they are excited about and proud to have as a part of their home.

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Our Kitchen Renovations

Are A Step-By-Step Process

Founded On Quality

And Geared Towards Innovation
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Here’s How Our Kitchen Renovation Specialists Can Help!

We provide a wide variety of services to create your dream kitchen. Offering services for complete teardowns, redesigns, cabinetry installation, and more, the professionals at ECHI have the right expertise to complete any kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, AZ. We do all this while still maintaining a high level of quality, guaranteed to leave you more than satisfied with the work we have done.

To learn more about each stage of the kitchen remodeling process or the other services we provide with our kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, AZ, please click on each of the phases/aspects that we can provide service for.

Demolition & Disposal

Concrete | Cabinets | Flooring | Interior Elements| Countertops | Faulty Wiring | Outdated Features | Excess Material

Layout & Design

Framing | Building/House Pads | Electrical | Plumbing | Gas | Utility | Pantries | Foundation Reinforcement

Flooring & Features

Islands | Appliances | Sinks | Trim Work [hardwood, tile, linoleum, laminate, vinyl]

Cabinetry & Countertops

Custom Options | Quality Woodworking | Granite | Stone | Marble | Porcelain | Quartz | Slate | Solid Wood | Butcher Block Tops

Walls & Ceilings

Painting | Texturing | Finishing | Skylights | Vents | Hoods | Recessed Canned Lighting

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