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Look No Further Than The Home Renovation Expertise Offered By ECHI If You Are Seeking World-Class Property Renovations & Home Renovations in Phoenix, AZ!

Endeavoring to “breathe new life” back into your home? Perhaps you’re tired of the same old layout and boring mundanity that is synonymous with your current living quarter situation. Clamoring to add that extra luster and appeal to your property prior to listing your home on the open housing market? If you affirmed yes, even sparingly so, in response to any of these legitimate, commonplace inquiries, then it is highly advisable to reach out to Arizona’s leading local contractor responsible for class A construction, renovations, and remodeling services for residential properties: us here at ECHI!

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Literal Floor-To-Ceiling Remodeling Coverage With ECHI At The Helm Of Your Home’s Renovation!

By combining decades of firsthand construction experience with our genuine desire to ensure our fellow homeowners have a steadfast and reliable resource for quality and affordable home remodeling services and/or home renovations in Phoenix, AZ, we’ve managed to cultivate lifelong partnerships with many of our valued clients, often resulting in the successful completion of many projects over the years. Being a locally owned and locally operated, family company here at ECHI, maintaining and achieving these relationships could not be more rewarding.


Upgrading & Updating: From the floorplan & layout to the design elements & features, we have your entire property renovation project(s) covered with our home remodeling in Phoenix, AZ!

Our in-house renovation specialists and remodeling experts are well-trained and equally-versed in a variety of home-improvement services and property-upgrade techniques that a surefire way to both revamp the layout or visual appeal of your home while simultaneously adding real monetary value as well! In order to best achieve this, we’ve adopted the approach that each property and its subsequent home remodeling project(s) or home renovation endeavor(s) are discernibly unique and should be treated client-specifically.


Here’s How Our Home Renovation Specialists Can Help!

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Upgrading & Updating

Painting | Texturing | Accent Walls | Sinks | Appliances | Canned Lighting Recessed Lighting | Sky Lighting | Hardware | Fixtures | Trimwork

Interior Features

Kitchens | Bathrooms | Pantries | Closets | Rooms | Home Offices | Basements Attics | Crawl Spaces | Bedrooms | Garages | Workshops

Exterior Elements

Patios | Gazebos | Porches | Pergolas | Outdoor Kitchens | BBQ Islands | Fire Features | Water Features | Fountains | Hardscaping

Full Renovation or Partial Remodeling Options

Bathrooms | Bedrooms | Basements | Attics | Property Additions | Room Conversions | Pantries | Closets | Living Rooms | Foyers